Ten Non-Traditional Careers for Girls

Kate Heckaman – Firefighter / Paramedic

Kate’s commitment to caring for hospital patients sparked a career change to firefighting.

Cynthia – Journeyman Carpenter

Working in the construction industry, Cynthia has built a satisfying career and a lasting legacy.

Victoria Velez – Biomedical Engineer

Victoria followed her heart to a career that focuses her love of hands-on problem solving into engineering medical technologies that save lives.

Denise Bailey – Welder / Instructor

Meet Denise, or “Seven” as her friends call her, a welder, artist and instructor who forged her own path as a woman in the trades.


Emmaly Manchanthasouk – Web Developer

Emmaly makes no secret of her enthusiasm for using technology to express herself and empower others.

Pallavi Sharma – IT Project Manager

Pallavi has fought through challenges to write her own code for successful work-life balance.

Rachel Obermoller – Pilot / Aviation Representative

Rachel merges her life-long love of flying with airport inspections, which allows her to take aviation safety to new heights.

Rachel Gitajn – Bicycle Engineer

Rachel turned her passion for art, engineering and the outdoors into a dream job designing bikes that she loves to ride.


Brennetta Harris – Architectural Estimator

Brennetta has dreamed of becoming an architect since childhood and has designed her own blueprint for working towards her career goals.

Caroline – Software Engineer

Caroline channels her creativity and all the facets of her personality into making tech applications to give people meaningful experiences.

These video are part of the series SciGirls Profiles: Women in STEM, which includes 10 role model videos of women who are passionate about their CTE/STEM work, hobbies, families and making the world a better place. These videos introduce students to women working in traditionally male CTE/STEM occupations, and inspire them around career exploration in fields like technology, engineering, manufacturing and trades.  Each video provides explicit strategies for overcoming barriers and finding success and joy in jobs where women are heavily underrepresented.

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